June 8-10, 2022

National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai)

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Latest Announcement By the PRC Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Breaking news: Travelling to China is gradually getting easier as the travel restrictions from earlier this year have been relaxed. According to a statement released by……


Shanghai Reopening After “The War” Against Coronavirus Situation Showed Positive Changes

With President Xi Jinping paying his first visit to Wuhan on 10 March, there’s a sense that the government is envisaging life soon returning to normal. After weeks of q……


China Overloaded With Medical Waste

How to deal with discarded face masks, protective suits, syringes and needles for injecting medicine is another headache for Chinese authorities already caught between ……


China Is Sending Doctors, Masks and Hazmat Suits to Help Italy With Its Coronavirus Outbreak

A plane carrying a team of specialist doctors and medical equipment left China for Italy Wednesday, where the health system is under unprecedentent strain from the spir……


Technical Analysis | The MBBR process has received more attention due to the “outbreak

What is the principle of the MBBR process that has now received more attention due to “the outbreak”? The MBBR process is used for the removal of organic substances, ni……


Reveal of Secrets of Passive House

The first fully functioning Passive House was actually a polar ship and not a house:the Fram of Fridtjof Nansen (1893). Interest in conservation waned in the United St……


WieTec Roadshow Campaign Services

Earlier this year we had postponed WieTec, which was originally scheduled for June, to late August. The postponement was announced just at the beginning of the pandemic……


ECOTECH CHINA AIR (SHANGHAI) 2020 Postponement Announcement

Dear exhibitors and visitors:   Since the beginning of 2020, the violent Novel Coronavirus outbreak has been disrupting China’s social and economic order and peopl……


Environmental protection enterprises involved in fighting the epidemic

On the morning of February 14, ZhejiangJinmoEnvironmental Technology Co., Ltd.’s membrane bioreactor wastewater treatment equipment with a daily capacity of 50 ton……


WieTec 2020 Exhibitors Participated in the Construction of the Huoshenshan and Leishenshan Hospitals Through Donations

With the spread of the pneumonia epidemic in China caused by a new type of coronavirus infection, all sectors of the society have offered their help. WieTec 2020 exhibi……


Leishenshan Hospital gets ready for novel coronavirus patients

The second emergency specialty field hospital built in Wuhan, Hubei province, to combat the novel coronavirus outbreak, is scheduled to start treating patients on Thurs……


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