June 8-10, 2022

National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai)

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Exhibits Profile

Exhibits Profile

Air Purification Equipment

Household air purifier

Commercial air purifier

Car Purifier

Air deodorant / fragrance machine

Air sterilizer / oxygen generator

Air Ventilation System

Duct fresh air system
Independent fresh air system
Ventilation equipment
Passive house fresh air system

Humidification and dehumidification
Household dehumidifier and humidifier
Constant temperature and humidity machine
Commercial dehumidification humidifier
Three constant system

Radiation end system
Cold and heat source system
Smart Control System

Soot purification

Household oil fume purifier
Commercial kitchen kitchen fume purifier

Related supporting products

Filter media
Heat exchange core
Air duct accessories
Fan motor
IoT / Sensor
Testing equipment

Air conditioning and purification related products
Wearable air purification products
In addition to formaldehyde / TVOC and solutions
Air deodorant / fragrance machine
Central dust removal system

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