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Environmental protection enterprises involved in fighting the epidemic

On the morning of February 14, ZhejiangJinmoEnvironmental Technology Co., Ltd.’s membrane bioreactor wastewater treatment equipment with a daily capacity of 50 tons was sent to Gong’an County, Jingzhou City, Hubei Province, and donated to the local people’s hospital.

NanfangZhongjin Environment Co., Ltd.

In order to enhance the epidemic prevention and control capabilities, to ensure the arrangement and deployment of new coronavirus prevention and control, and to ensure that the construction of the new emergency rescue hospital was completed on schedule, NanfangZhongjin Environment Co., Ltd.donated 3 air-conditioning pumps to the Third People’s Hospital of Wuzhou City.

Tianjin Leitaikesi Valve Co., Ltd.

The epidemic in Wuhan is critical. As Huoshenshan Hospital rushes to work, Tianjin Leitaikesi Valve Co., Ltd. thousands of miles away, is also supporting Wuhan with its own strength, and donated valves to Huoshenshan Hospital.


After learning that Wuhan is about to build HuoshenshanHospital, Golden Bull Group actively docked with the China Construction Third Bureau and set up an emergency working group to actively allocate the required engineering materials to support the construction of HuoshenshanHospital and provide the required pipeline products for the project construction : PVC drainage pipe, PE water pipe, HDPE corrugated pipe, PPR water pipe to provide support for Wuhan epidemic prevention and control.


After urgently supporting the repair project of Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital, Chengdu Common Tube Group Co., Ltd. also assisted the People ’s Hospital of Pingxian County of Henan “Xiaotangshan” and the Infectious Diseases Hospital of Yinchuan City Fourth People ’s Hospital.

Aton Pipeline

In order to support the construction of Huoshenshan Hospital, Aton Pipeline deployed a large number of plastic pipe products with the highest efficiency.Two batches of construction aid materials were shipped on January 25 and January 26 to Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital.


Pioneer of emergency sewage prevention and control, OriginWater

helped Wuhan Fangcai Hospital’s emergency sewage treatment.

Jingdao Technology

In order to eliminate any worries of the medical staff and guarantee safe drinking water, Jingdao Technology donated 500,000 yuan of instant hot drinking water equipment to Wuhan.

Spring Water

On February 11, Spring Water donated 50 sets (valued at 500,000) of drinking water equipment with filtering and sterilizing functions to the China Charity Federation. These 50 units will be provided to 5 Wuhan Tongji Hospital, 5 Wuhan Central Hospital and 40 in Huanggang City.


In cooperation with Spring Water, through the China Charity Federation, Calux donated  drinking water equipment worth 1 million yuan to Wuhan and Huanggang, Hubei cities hit by severe outbreak.


Heraeus special light sources have actively prepared and implemented nearly 1,000 sets of UV germicidal lamps, donated to the front line of anti-epidemic materials that urgently need germicidal materials in Huanggang, Hubei Province, and contributed to the control of the epidemic.


After the hard work of Truliva staff and the society, hundreds of sets of Truliva commercial drinking water equipment and air purifiers have been mobilized on February 9 and are being sent to Wuhan, Hubei, Xiangyang, Hubei, Ningbo, Zhejiang and other places. More than 10 hospitals make every effort to ensure that front-line patients and medical staff can drink warm and healthy drinking water at any time.


V-Clean decided to donate 30 sets of V-Clean brand commercial drinking water equipment to Xiaogan City, Hubei Province through the Chinese Charity Federation, and set up a team to provide technical support to the beneficiary unit.


On February 13, Phnix donated anti-epidemic materials to Hubei. The batch of Phnix air-energy hot water machines that went to the area hit by epidemic mainly solved the hot water problems in the hospitals, thus contributing to the fight against the epidemic.

Kalaoni Fresh Air

On January 30th, the epidemic in Wuhan became very critical. Kalaoni Fresh Air donated 10 wall-mounted fresh air systems with antibacterial function for air purification and 10 sets of mobile air purification equipment to Wuhan. On February 6, Kalaoni Fresh Air decided to donate 10 air purification systems worth 60,000 yuan to the Zhongshan Triangle Hospital.


Due to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, SShajghaiiDIYIndustral donated a set of drinking water equipment to the Second People’s Hospital of Quzhou.

Huangshan RSP Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

On January 28, 2020, Huangshan RSP Manufacturing Co., Ltd. responded positively and contributed to the fight against the pneumonia epidemic. It donated 200,000 yuan to the Red Cross Society of Tunxi District to contribute to the fight against the new epidemic of pneumonia caused by coronavirus infection.

Micoe Solar

Micoe Solar engineers and dealers across the country donated urgently needed materials for fighting the epidemic. On February 12, Micoe Solar Lianyungang branch donated tents and other anti-epidemic materials to the Management Committee of Lianyungang High-tech Zone; the Luoyang Base donated urgently needed materials for prevention and control of Luoyang City and the High-tech Zone Management Committee; Handan branch donated anti-epidemic tents to the Red Cross Society of Quzhou County, Hebei Province; Zhang Zhongzheng, a regional engineering contractor from Hebei, donated more than 30,000 yuan to medical and logistical support staff of the Chinese and Western Hospital and the Municipal People’s Hospital; The amount has exceeded 50,000 yuan; the Inner Mongolia regional engineering company has taken the initiative of catering service for the medical staff and isolated patients of Baotou Medical College.


In order to help prevent the new epidemic and to ensure high-quality drinking water for the medical staff, volunteers and material transporters who fight the epidemic, Cikonprovided free drinking water equipment.


The first batch of 84 disinfection liquids donated by Kohler (China) Investment Co., Ltd. has been distributed through JD Logistics and is expected to arrive at Wuhan Xiehe Hospital this week. At the same time, Kohler mobilized the company’s global strength to purchase a batch of medical masks, medical protective clothing and protective glasses urgently needed by medical personnel, which are in the middle of intensive logistics transportation, and will then donate to Shanghai Anti-epidemic designated hospitals.

Zheng Tong Pipe Co., Ltd.

On February 9, Zhejiang Zheng Tong Pipe Co., Ltd. donated 50,000 yuan to the Haining Charity Federation to fight the coronavirus pneumonia epidemic.


On February 13, Guangzhou Mayer donated 100,000 yuan to the Huangpu District Charity Association in Guangzhou and toJinyintan Hospital of Wuhan to help them fight the coronavirus  epidemic.

We pay tribute to all medical and epidemic prevention workers, and to everyone who contributed to the fight against the epidemic! We wholeheartedly believe that we can win this battle!

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