June 8-10, 2022

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About WieTec 2020

WieTec is a large-scale platform that has become over the course of decades one of the leading expo platforms for environmental protection industries in China and worldwide. The platform has maintained its position as one of the leading expos in environmental protection industry, and its international recognition has been growing year after year.
The total scale of Wietec 2019 covered an exhibition area of 250,000 square meters, with more than 3,500 exhibitors and 120,000 local and international visitors attending this incredible three-day event. As an exhibition platform, WieTec integrates six international exhibitions and 25 pavilions.
Our visitors and exhibitors most commonly belong to municipal constructor companies, engineering (installation) companies, design institutes, distributors and agents, but some of them are coming from 28 other end-user industries, including food, beverage, brewing, textile, leather, dyeing, paper making, printing, petroleum, chemical engineering, pharmaceuticals, mining, steel, metallurgy, rubber and plastics, cement, electricity power, electronics, automotive, shipping, machinery, construction, gas, public facilities, municipal administration, water conservancy, agriculture, etc.
The expo is complemented by 100 forums and events delivered by prominent policy-makers and international green-tech industry experts. The forums will cover emerging trends, business opportunities and environmental challenges in China and worldwide and offer a great opportunity to explore innovative sustainable solutions from the Asian region and beyond, and foster synergy for environmental collaboration. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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