June 8-10, 2022

National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai)

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The Exhibition Complex of China Expo (the Complex) is projected to edge itself as the world’s largest and most competitive MICE venue of our age. With half million square meters of exhibition space consisting of 400,000 square meters of indoors and 100,000 square meters of outdoors, the Complex holds a crucial position on the national strategic map for future commerce development, hence plays a vibrant role in exploring global markets, expanding international trade and exhibiting the national strength.


Full-packaged Exhibition Facilities
The Complex consists of four main functions, namely, the exhibition venues, supporting retail center, office buildings and a hotel, which are linked as a whole through the eight-meter elevated Exhibition Boulevard, so that people could easily traverse among the exhibition, retail, office, hotel and other functional areas.
More-than-enough Exhibition Area
The Complex has in total 500,000 square meters of exhibition area, among which, 400,000 square meters are indoor exhibition hall and 100,000 square meters outdoor. The indoor exhibition area is segmented into 13 bigger halls, each of 28,800 square meters space, and 3 smaller halls, each of 10,000 square meters. We are capable of handling exhibitions and events at whatever scale.
Loaded Weight Allowance
The Complex also excels in the weight-handling capacity. In terms of the ground load capacity, there are five double-decker big exhibition halls on 1F which can bear 3.5 tons per square meters, another five big halls and two small ones on 2F bearing 1.5 tons per square meters, and three big halls and one small hall on 1F North Wing are capable of handling up to 5 tons per square meters, therefore those ground load capacity demanding heavy machinery can be easily handled.
Potential-tapping Space
On 1F North Wing, except for the one big hall as a double-decker structure, the remaining 3 big halls are single-decker column-free with a clear height of 32 meters. The halls on 1F South Wing have 27×36 meters of column grid and 12 meters of clear height. Those big halls on 2F have 36×54 meters of column grid and 17 meters of clear height. Such spacious venues enable the exhibitors to display their imagination and craftsmanship to the utmost.

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